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Every webmaster knows the importance of building quality backlinks to his/her site over time. However, this should be done with caution as building too many links in a relatively short period could cause your site to be completely ignore by the search engines.

What are Backlinks?

These are links on other websites directed back to your site. The importance and popularity of your site is usually determined by how many webmasters consider a link to your site viable. However, the quality of the backlinks you gather is what the search engines are really interested in.

What are Quality Backlinks?

These a backlinks from websites with similar content to yours. It’s all a game of relevancy and has a lot to do with the success of your website and marketing efforts.

Building backlinks to your site is top priority if you ever hope for a better PR or SERP. There are several legitimate ways of doing this without engaging the so called “black hat” techniques that’ll only get you banned from Google and other quality search engines.

Write Articles and submit to Article Directories.

Writing articles and submitting them to article directories is a simple, but very powerful and effective way to create interest and generate traffic to your site. Best of all, it’s absolutely FREE.

Basically it works like this. You write interesting articles and submit them to article directories for webmasters & publishers to use freely on their sites, blogs & in their written works. However, they have to use the article as it is and are not allowed to change it. In the authors resource box within the article, you place a link back to your website so that any reader who likes your work would most likely click on your URL, visit your site and ultimately get you some targeted free traffic.

Your articles should be short, informative and straight to the point. A typical article word-count is usually btw 400-700 words.

Submit your site to Web Directories.

Submitting your website to quality directories online and deep linking within them will not only increase your link popularity but your website PR and SERP as well. Make a list of the top web directories online and manually submit your URL to them. Some would require a reciprocal link back to your site and some will charge a fee for inclusion. Which ever the case, submitting your URL for inclusion in these directories will guarantee you have some quality backlinks to your website.

Participate in Forums.

You can find forums all over the internet focused on a diverse range of niches. But the “making money at home, internet marketing, webmaster & SEO” forums are by far the most popular. Register for an account with forums in the above niche market and post regularly to the board. Participate constructively in discussions and remember to leave your site URL in your signature so it appears in every post and thread that you participate in.

Be supportive and gradually become a source of good and clean information, become a valued community member. By doing this, you’ll build up reputation and create valuable credibility for yourself. This way, rest assured your site will always be visited by your forum community thus increasing your link popularity and quality back links.

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