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One of the most important techniques in search engine optimization now is link building. Search engine has been giving high priority to sites with an established high popularity through determining a site’s presence in relevant sites. Relevance here is measured through the quality of sites that you associate with. With link building, your site gets quality traffic from relevant sites, and it can be seen as a valuable resource. Awareness, visibility and credibility are established and your site gets wider search engine exposure, too, if you focus your strategy with link building.

Building links may be done in three ways: oneone- linking, complete or reciprocal link structure. Of the three, oneone- link building can be considered as the most favorable strategy that you can engage into. OneOne- link building is getting links for your site to those that do not require a reciprocal relationship. Chances are these sites that agree to a oneone- link only feature sites that are relevant to their content. In other words, a themed-based link building for search engine optimization is the core of this strategy. If you could get your links featured in the homepage of partnering sites, all the better. With one-way link building, you send a message to the search engines that your site is so influential other sites use you as a reference material or simply would want to be associated with you. Therefore, your site’s popularity is then measured through the number of sites linking with you.

There are a number of companies to choose from online that can provide you quality back connecting services. Some offer 100% relevant, highhigh- link building with a certain percentage of it landing on the homepage of hosting sites. Some companies offer highhigh- link structure where the one-way link is done purely on relevant websites and not through web directories, link farm sites or forum post links. Periodically, the link building company you hire should give you a report on the links they have accomplished, and you should have to option to change or eliminate some of the links in the list.

One-way linking may be an ideal strategy, but it takes a longer time to enjoy the results of this. A complete link building, on the other hand, can fast-track the solution for you. It is a one-stop seo service where several solutions through seo are included in the package. This may include guaranteed directory listings, content writing and article submission, press release writing and press release submission, blog posting, forums posting, blog commenting and social bookmaking. Some even include search engine submission, squidoo lens creation of your account. Depending on the package you avail, your company may choose a combination of any of these solutions.

Another method of a linking solution is the reciprocal link building. Sometimes termed as link exchange, it is simply a mutual exchange of links between two sites. This is also an important part of seo because it still passes the Google algorithms in determining the popularity of your website. However, just like the two previously discussed methods, you should be careful in choosing the site you exchange links with and make sure you don’t partner with the bad eggs.

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